Is Ghostwriting Ethical?

Some ethical decisions are simple: Did you tell the truth? Did you tell the entire truth for an authentic outcome, or did you employ “sleight of hand?”  (A topic for another day, as nothing annoys me further than a person who tells a bold-faced lie with an air of moral superiority, along with an excuse […]

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The importance of SSL and why you need it

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a term used in many web development discussions and carries a high level of importance for any website owner (especially those running eCommerce businesses). As with the large pool of technical terms we live with today, SSL is something we all know we need, yet don’t often fully understand why […]

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9 Reasons Why Blogging Is Essential To Good SEO Results

Understanding SEO isn’t easy, and Google doesn’t help things much by changing the algorithms and policies on regular occasion. Seems like every time we get a handle on things, the rules change, and we’re all left wondering what we’re doing wrong and what we might still possibly be doing right. Well, there’s one thing you […]

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The importance of Social Media Marketing

PPC ads and display ads have a solid place in the product marketing world. One that seems rather unmovable actually, but that may be changing. Social media advertising is on the upswing and is poised to take the lead in product marketing within the next 3 years. Social Media is everywhere. If you do not […]

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